Future Lists Based On Future Activities!

So many activities planned for when school finishes. These are some of the happenings I'll be listing about! [warning: spoiler alert!]
  1. A list from Thailand. My friend from San Diego is coming to Perth for the Holidays.. but first we have a mini vacay in Thailand. I literally met her by sliding into her DMs a couple years ago! #truestory
  2. My kick-ass Christmas Party costume I'm making from thrifted clothes and jungle foliage.
    [Katy Perry Roar]
  3. Maybe a NYE ✨ live list ✨ from our boating adventures and Cuban-themed after party!
  4. All the literary stuff! I have a long (and probably unachievable) amount of fiction and non-fiction reading to do.
    Including to listening to the last three HP books and a bunch of nerdy psych papers I want to peruse.
  5. All the tv shows! I really want to binge on some series like, Westworld and Workaholics. I still need to finish Crazy ExG, The Grinder and Mindy.. ugh, I give up on any others I had hopes for!
  6. I'm going to film school over the summer!! Yep.. going to do a Voice Over course. Might see if this body of mine can earn me some cash! 😳 ...well, my voice, anyway!
    This has been in the bucket list since the last film school short course.. so now's the time.
  7. Italian food and drinks dates with my cousin who will be teaching me conversational Italian. She has a split living scenario between here and Rome. She is back for the summer and I love hanging with her and she's keen to get me fluent!
    This gif because #neverforgetJulia