Alt title: To Do List, w/c 13.3.17 // mamma taught me to wipe my tears and get shit here we go!
  1. check-in to student counseling
    big issues, need big clarity.
  2. get a gym membership at uni.
    Let go of your ego and get into the gym and get that 6 min mile.
  3. start researching your Dev, Cog and Stat Psych lab reports
    and get those HDs you need
  4. finish that goddamn Anthro book and write that level 1 essay.
    no excuses once you clear your head.
  5. Breathe!
    ...and take a couple water-side walks.
  6. Who is going to hold me accountable?
  7. Make a giant fried rice for lunches.
    Just to ensure you're not subsisting on coffee alone.