To me, Thanksgiving is a reminder to pay extra close attention to those things I am grateful for. Looking to three of my fave core values..
  1. [curiosity] without this value running rampant in my life I would not experience half, even a quarter, of the weird and mostly wonderful things I do. I am grateful that I am finally exercising it in the academic arena too. Curiosity has had a fair workout this year. I'm just so grateful for it.
  2. [connection] whether it be friends or fam, I am so grateful for each connection. I learn so much about myself, others, the world, life from everyone I connect with. From real lifers to onliners: laughter, tears, joy + sadness, I am so grateful to have these experiences. Life is so beautifully complex and I am so here for that.
  3. [love] oh, let me count the ways. Love is crazy and I am so grateful for its intricacies. I am rooted in love: love of life, love of the things I do, love of people and animals, love of the earth and the world in which I call home, love of space and energy. I am grateful for my giant heart which allows me to love so generously.
  4. ✌🏼️💙