Today, Reviewed: rough fucking day. The thing is, I can be grateful for some things and the dudes behind positive psychology tell us to look for these and say why we're grateful for them.
  1. the green wallenius wilhelmsen
    Some of you know of my affinity for cargo ships. Some of you now know of my (strange?) affinity for cargo ships. I especially consider (and I don't know why) the green Wallenius Wilhelmsen as a good omen. It was in port this morning and I am grateful for this beautiful vessel every time I see it. Maybe I'm grateful for the smile I get when I see it.
  2. pain au chocolat
    (I'm being wanky and using the French term because they were boulangerie-authentic). I am so grateful for this tasty morsel because it filled a week long craving. It also felt like a real treat after a tough moment.
  3. skipping my tutorial
    I wasn't in the headspace for group discussions about 'race', so I excused myself before class started and went to the library. I am grateful that I know my limits and made the right choice for me, rather than trying to be a 'hero'.
  4. submitting my lab report well before the midnight cut-off
    I am grateful to my auto-pilot skills that allowed me to finalise my lab report and submit it by 4pm. Bottom line, I did the work, and I'm grateful for that.
  5. my sister's sauna
    sounds fancy, but it's not really! I am so grateful for it though. I needed to hug her and I needed to get my sweat on. It was an all over physical, mental and emotional detox for which I am so grateful for. I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest I was grateful for her veggie soup and broccoli bread as well ☺️