Hangs With My Bitmoji

You know, just a regular Sunday afternoon, studying and chillin' with my Bitmoji.
  1. ...'cause she's dope and I want to crawl into my phone and live her life.
  2. and she's like, "oh well, tough shit, position is taken!"
  3. And I'm like, "bitch, I give up!"
  4. And she's like...
    with my laugh 'til you cry emoji! Bastards!!
  5. Then she misses me.
  6. And then she gets distracted...
  7. Because she checked my purse and was like...
  8. ...and I'm too mean to tell her the purse is empty but the bank account's looking green. Shhh, don't tell her!
  9. ...and then I decide I need to get back to study!.. until the next (welcomed) distraction!