Opening your timezonal birthday from Sydney 🇦🇺
  1. @DawnCloud is celebrating another glorious year! I'm under the strict act of the over 30s Code to not disclose her actual age!
  2. Even our "you're trending" bitmojis are celebrating!
  3. Emma, I wish you every bit of happiness for your birthday and the year to come.
  4. I have enjoyed every list, snap, whatsapp chat (ftc & lurkers), tweet and insta that has allowed me to get to know you.
  5. I look forward to my daily snapchat filter discovery pics/vids from you. Especially when they give you your fave toast filter! It makes you so beautifully happy!
  6. You are so generous for everyone else's birthdays, so I hope you receive in abundance for yours.
    My gift is on its way.. will be late!! 📦
  7. So happiest of happies to you, my love. Wishing you a fabulous day and can't wait to watch you shine this year.
  8. Big love, Jess x