I thought I'd give a little intro about myself since I've been kicking around here for a few months and haven't really introduced myself. Do we List Appers even do that?! Was there a @ListPrompts for that once?.. ever?..
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    My handle is my name: @jessicaz
    Born Jessica Lee, not born Knuckey :)
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    Relationship status: married
    coming up 10 years
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    Personal status: independent
    which is pretty big, bc I always used to be co-dependent! (Until I found my Self) ☺️
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    Age: 37 in August
    Which coincides with my favourite decade!.. loving my 30's. Best yet πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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    Ethnicity: Australian/Italian
    Born in Australia, raised in an Italian family trying to be Australian!! Both sets of my grandparents migrated to Australia and had most of their kids here (inc, my parents).. they all circled together (at the Italian Club) hence how my parents found each other!
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    I live in Australia > Western Australia > Perth > East Fremantle
    I live in a suburb of the port city of Fremantle. I am a 3 minute drive to the beach and a walk to our River. I'm born and raised West Aussie and have lived only in Perth. Hence why I LOVE to travel!
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    Occupation: assistant manager at lululemon athletica
    For another 8 shifts!.. After which I will be an unemployed student exploring a double major in psychology at the University of Western Australia. Wish me luck!!
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    Have you always been in retail?: no, arrived there almost 5 years ago after a brief hiatus from working in Finance (mostly in their Corporate Events team)
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    Top three things that feature in my day (other than work): Missy (my dog), Social Media, Alcohol/Chocolate
    I had yoga, then replaced it with Social Media. Sorry yoga. Might need to reverse that 😬
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    Are you drinking right now?: yes. A delightful bottle of Shiraz Cabernet, in fact.
    Sub question: are you alcoholic?.. No. No, I'm not, but I can appreciate you asking :)
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    So yoga?: yes, I've been practicing yoga weekly since I was 18. It started as a coping mechanism to the grief, stress and pain I experienced whilst my dad battled cancer.
    Yoga is the best thing that's happened to me (from a health stand point). Sub question: so are you a hippie, devoted to all the Hindu gods?: umm, no, that's not what yoga is about. Although truth be told, one of my favourite teachers tells some kickass Hindu god stories before class πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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    How do you describe yourself?: ok, I'm a chameleon, I'm adaptable. I am both extremes in most cases, I'm a romantic, I'm hyper-curious and follow my curiosity in most cases. I love music and require it in my day like I require water. I love observing people, in most cases without judgement and in most cases in awe. I am loyal.
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    Your mornings?: I snooze my alarm several times, roll over and check all my social media in about 10 mins, turn on Pandora, get up, get coffee, dance around my kitchen, get ready >>
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    Your nights?: I make dinner and then either sit on the couch and watch tv or put on Pandora and retreat to my room and read*, then shower, then bed, then social media for as long as necessary for my mind to conceive that all is as it needs to be.
    *trying to replace procrastination with reading
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    Anything else?: I love to travel!
    I literally do not know what I'm going to do to cope when I'm unemployed and won't be able to afford picking up and leaving as and when I want! 😟
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    So happy to share my story, tell me about you... +
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    EDIT: Fears?: yep, I'm human!.. So my physical fears are: snakes and falling from heights to my death or injury AND my non physical fear is mainly not being able to express all that I am and have to give in this life time (oh and that little beast called failure, that's kind of a fear of mine!)