Today we hiked a 10km portion of the Cape to Cape trail, from Yallingup to Cape Clairault in the south west of Western Australia. It was breathtakingly beautiful and loads of fun!
  1. Two not yet sweaty Bettie's!
  2. The terrain changes constantly! From the above to the beach and soft sand hiking!
  3. looking back at Smith's Beach and all that soft sand! Happy to be on gravel!
  4. A local nicknamed this God's Rock. It was incredible.
  5. I took this photo in an attempt to show how steep it was. I'm not convinced it conveys that.
  6. It's such a spectacular coastline. The rocks in the far right are called, Canal Rocks. It's an awesome dive spot with fabulous crayfish!
  7. Oh hello there, Racehorse Goanna (lizard).
  8. From this...
  9. ...to this!
  10. Just a little ways to go yet!
  11. A sneaky little selfie! And a super shiny, sweaty forehead!
  12. A pebble beach!
  13. and by pebbles, we mean boulders!
  14. Farm life, anyone?! Change in scenery completely!
  15. A glorious beach with a stunning little lagoon.
  16. The last leg of our journey, another soft sand hike!
  17. Back to soft sand hiking, another glorious beach and the end in sight!
  18. Such pure, clean waves.
  19. A well earned dip!
  20. This is the 10km hike from Yallingup to Cape Clairault.