1. Ok frenz! I have a few interesting essays and lab reports to write this semester and I'm asking for help*
    * well, more direction! Because I ain't no cheat!
  2. If you're reading this list it's likely you've trolled database on database for peer reviewed articles and books for the perfect reference for your essay/report once upon a time ago (or still now)!
  3. So! If any of these topics got ya like, "oh, I know the perfect article for Jess", I want you to holler at me! I'm looking for research that supports these topics!
    And it's ok, I'll be doing my share of scouring good ol' Onesearch!
  4. Big love and thanks to anyone who can contribute 😘
    Even if you do the good ol' "like" = "relist" for me... thanks x
  5. Cognitive Psych: anything to do with the link between modern media and the misinterpretation of data (even when misinformed data is based on empirical evidence/expert opinion) and its effects on cognitive functions
  6. Cognitive Psych: articles relating to memory processing: short term and working memory performance and the co-variations across spatial, verbal and numerical domains.
  7. Developmental Psych: articles to support the affirmative "today's use of social media is likely to have a positive rather than negative effect on children's social functioning". I also need the negative of this argument also.
    This topic is both a debate in which I am the affirmative, and an essay in which I am both!
  8. Statistical Psych: getting the topic on Friday, will update this then!
    By way of the experiments we did (data collection), I'd say it has something to do with Attention and Visual.
  9. Anthropology: anything that explores ethnography! How ethnographic research challenges ethnocentrism etc.
    I know, broad topic right!