from a consumer pov
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    [write + interact] write/create lists and interact with anyone who likes or comments. Ask questions etc.
    Hot tip: this boosts your visibility on the feed!
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    [diversify your lists] you wanna hit as many feeds as poss right? So vary up your key words in the lists / list title.
    Hot tip: doing this whilst keeping your brand/ethos in tact might be tricky, but hey, life's not easy!
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    [befriend the search bar] where are your consumers at?! Find your mavens by finding their lists via their interests (you) via the search bar! Ie. You're a beer company? Search "beer" etc!
    Hot tip: if you're a book club, you may want to super-refine your search! There are a few book-worms up in this hizzle!
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    [follow your mavens] once you find listers that already get into your product or your actual brand, do them a solid... follow them! is 💯 percent about relationships. If you're not in them, what's the point!
    Hot tip: read a shit ton of lists. It's the only way. If your the CM of your co. it's your responsibility to dedicate time to this. You know that though, just a friendly reminder 😘
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    [INTERACT] there is no way around it, if you want to have a thriving list account as a company etc, you have to check in with the folks following you and interacting with your lists. This place is all about the people!
    Hot tip: it's really not all that different to being a regular user. The more you give, the more you get. Visibility comes with action.
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    [stay consistent] strategize the minimum number of lists per month and don't exceed it by too great a variance. People need consistency, again, something you already know!
    Hot tip: plan your lists, like you plan the rest of your business. Incorporate it into your overall product offer, marketing plan.. (whatever term the industry is using these days... idk!)
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    [the tl;dr rule] if it's too long, we won't read it. Keep your lists brief, informative, entertaining and to the point!!
    Hot tip: 3-7 bullets is usually a great rule of thumb in my experience of tl;dr behaviour!
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    ...this list brought to you by a thought after @giphy liked one of my lists the other day!
    ✌🏼gif gurus!