How To: Make Schnitzel

Preface: schnitzel is my absolute favourite food, it brings me great joy. Making the perfect schnitzel was taught to me by my mother and my grandmothers.
  1. Today we're making pork schnitzel. I usually make chicken, and sometimes veal. Schnitzel is my soul food.
  2. Prep is key! Make sure you have all your ingredients organised.
    Get your crumbing-line sorted! I use Japanese Panko crumb (I crumble this in my hand to get the crumb finer). If I have stale bread to use up, I'll use that instead. Season the crumb with salt + pepper! I use 2 eggs for my egg wash.
  3. Optional: additions to the crumb, parsley and garlic powder.
    I don't always add parsley, but I do usually add the garlic powder. One of my Nonnas (grandmothers) would use parsley and the other would not. The garlic powder is my addition to the family classic!
  4. If you can, get your meat from a butcher and ask them to prep it for schnitzel. If, like me, you didn't do that, you'll have to pound it yourself!
    Great for releasing tension! But go easy, you just want to loosen the fibers!
  5. Place some baking/parchment paper down on your board. Place a slice of your meat, then fold the paper over it.
    Also get a plate out to place your freshly pounded meat on!
  6. You want to pound the meat evenly so that it is the same thickness all over for even cooking.
    Once you pound one side, flip the whole thing over and go again on the other side! Then repeat this process for all your steaks.
  7. Once it's all done, cover your board in a light dusting of plain flour. Keep a small cup handy (Nonna's tip!!) for dusting the rest. Bless! I can hear her Italian/Aussie accent!
  8. Now we're ready to crumb.
    Place some paper towel down on the plate you have out and push up your sleeves!
  9. First dip and coat your steak in the egg wash (two eggs, beaten).
    Ordinarily I'll have an egg hand and a crumbs hand, to avoid schnitzel fingers!.. no such luxury while filming gifs!
  10. Then crumb. I pat it down and push crumbs in several times. Flipping, crumbing, flipping. Get a generous layer of crumbs on the steak.
  11. Place on your plate and repeat!
  12. These are ready for shallow frying!
    Chef treat!. If you have left over crumbs and egg wash, combine them and make yourself an omelette to snack on while cooking! ;)
  13. Shallow fry in oil (I use olive oil). I use a medium heat (and I cook on gas, not electric). Test the heat with a little crumb, if it sizzles, the oil is ready.
    I can't recall if Nonna taught me this, or if it was Nigella Lawson, however don't overload the pan with schnitzel if you want a clean golden fry.
  14. Until golden.
    You'll know when to flip it when the edges get a light golden hue to it.
  15. Tonight I'm serving my schnitzel with creamed silverbeet (chard) and mashed potatoes. Always potatoes. Usually I'll do chips, or latkes (I didn't know these by name until @Lisa_Fav educated me!)
  16. {Serving Suggestions} aka, my favourite schnitzel meals
    potato mash + mushroom sauce / with a caprese salad feat. avocado / accompanied by any kind of fried potato / a summery fruit salsa feat coriander (either pineapple or mango)
  17. {ways not to serve schnitzel}
    Parmigiana. Smothering with passata and cheese is a total waste. Ok, ok, it's not my favourite way to eat it, but I will.. there is schnitzel under there.