If Hugh Jackman has taught you anything, it's how to Tim Tam Slam.. and in case you missed that memo, here is your personal tutorial! Time to get up-close and personal!.. this gets indecent!
  1. You'll need; a packet of Tim Tams, a beverage, preferably mates to slam with. The beverage is best served in a short glass/cup.
    I have it on good authority from my UK correspondent that you can Slam with Penguin biscuits/cookies. Thanks @DawnCloud 👊🏼
  2. Bite each corner of your Tim Tam for optimal flow and biscuit saturation!
    Glossary: Australians call cookies biscuits and we don't have biscuits as you know them. We have scones which are similar to your biscuits!
  3. This gets graphic!.. Suck the beverage through your Tim Tam 'straw' and slam that sucker back!
    This is in cold milk.. once you master cold milk, you may advance into a hot beverage!
  4. Expert Slammer's; time for a hot beverage. Naturally, mine is coffee! Be sure to move quickly!!!
  5. Otherwise, your Tim Tam will defy you!
  6. Congratulations! You can now Tim Tam Slam.
    Tim Tams can be found at all quality American supermarkets! Be warned, they are inferior to the real Aussie Tim Tam.
  7. I expect TTS tournaments at your next TLA meet ups!
  8. 💛+🍫