1. I'm grieving. Like many of you who knew Biz.
  2. Biz was (I fucking hate using past tense).
  3. Biz was a li.st sister who took her own life recently. She had a beautiful soul. Little did I know how tortured it was.
  4. Biz was so warm, welcoming and goddamn I wish she knew how beautiful she was.
  5. The thing is, we never met. We only interacted on li.st. Yet, I feel such a profound sense of loss. My heart hurts. My mind is vacant.
  6. For those of you reading, who did not know Biz, please be in support of our grief: List beautiful things. List humorous things. List us your glorious selfies. List love.
  7. So eloquently said by many and the first I read by @alligeeshow are on repeat in my mind. We are a COMMUNITY..
  8. ...and closer to my heart, I've made a FAMILY with some of you. Like true siblings, we love, we laugh, we cry. We stand united and sometimes we're idiots and we fight. But we have each other's backs when it matters.
  9. I want to remind each of you, I'm here for you. I might not make your business mine, though you are always welcome to knock on my door.
  10. ———————— 🌟 ————————
  11. Dear Biz, rest peacefully sis.. thank you for your love. Jess x