Inspired by @Lisa_Fav in life +
  1. I'm not one to use 'but' often.. it is just that it in this case it is pertinent. I am not Jewish, but, I am intrigued by Judaism. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll convert.
    Fav, will you be my Jewish godmother?! (Spoken like a true half-assed Catholic!)
  2. So, if you're orthodox, you won't see this list, that's ok. I respect that you won't. Moving on.
  3. I'm Not Jewish, but...
  4. lately I've been consumed by thoughts of reflection of this year, who I am, my connection with self (and in this, my higher self, the self I answer to.. and in that, to G-d)
  5. Funnily, it coincided with Rosh Hashanah. On the actual day. I reached a place of peace. A place where I am super content with who I am. A freedom I allow myself to explore at any cost. Living for me. I am really excited to live into this space in the new year.
  6. It wasn't a year free from heartache and burden. Far from. It was a year of intense change and confrontation. It's just that that was the year according to me and my mortals. So, in terms of atonement, I haven't been a complete angel this year, yet I'm closest than ever to my purest self. I have no sins to confess to myself or to my G-d.
    G-d out of respect to my Jewish loves.
  7. So what about that? I'm imperfect, yet feel pure?! Go figure! I'm not going to fight it. I'm just going to keep on this journey of getting to the limitless version of myself and see what happens.
  8. Whether your new year starts now, or in 3 months time.. I wish you happiness, balance and peace. And, thank you. Thank you for inspiring me every single day.
  9. ✌🏼️💙