1. A friend recently asked me how I have been, knowing what I've been going through recently.
  2. My reply was that, overall, I'm ok. That I am calm.
    Truncated for this list. My reply was more detailed around these two adjectives and included a cute ☺️ emoji!
  3. Sincerely, this reply was and is true. Absolutely. Yet it is my averaged emotion.
  4. Like today, when I got caught off-guard and I started to question myself all over.
  5. So tonight, I got into the business of grounding myself; a few sun salutations, calming music, solitude.
  6. And then I hear a line in a song, that I have since repeated three (edit: four) times...
  7. 🎶 I promise you it'll all make sense again 🎶
    Secret For The Mad - dodie
  8. Then I return to my calm. I choose to trust my intuition. I remember how strong I am. I am grateful for the things that throw me off guard because they help me recalibrate.
  9. And although I don't know what my life is about to become, I know I'll return to a place in which it'll all make sense again. And I smile.