It's been a while since we Listers 'played' together.. I wanna float something by you.. tell me what you think.
  1. I was inspired by a @Lisa_Fav tweet over the weekend..
    PS. Fav, your like/retweet game for a non-verified is pretty ace 👏🏼
  2. Then, when I read one of @TQ's lists about mass list requests being somewhat self-serving (hope I paraphrased that correctly T), it got me thinking again..
  3. Also feeling nostalgic about March Madness and how much fun we had. I've never felt more alive in this community.
    Thanks again and again and again @aus10
  4. Then, because my wifi is down and I can't download the newest Great Debate, I came up with an idea. That was the straw that finally broke the proverbial camel's back!
    And @jpbateson and @MandyKN know how much I love my GD / great debabe forever!
  5. SO!.. I was thinking we could create a Debate Club.
    Debate: using a Judy Garland 'shock' gif was totally appropriate: pro/con .. go! 😏
  6. I figure if you're in, we could muck around on my list account for a bit, and if it works, I'll create a second account for it.
  7. So, thoughts? Do you like the idea? Don't like the idea? Want to debate? Don't want to debate?
    I have the structure all thought out, just want to know if you're keen and if we have any takers. I'll moderate :)
  8. Have topic suggestions? Suggest below..
  9. I'm in I love debating
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  10. ⌛️ We have our first debate duo: @HisDudeness V @sarahgorman ... we need a topic!
  11. Debate topic suggestions: Blondes have more fun. Justin Trudeau is the the greatest thing to happen to Canada since Anne of Green Gables. It is better to be extroverted than introverted. BJ will be married within the next two years.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  12. Canada: worth visiting or mostly bullshit?
    Suggested by @siddharthainc
  13. Back packing vs resort vacations
    Suggested by @CheckeredOwl
  14. East Coast vs. West Coast
    Of the U.S., of course. Or any subset of that theme - food, coastline, cities, beaches, time zone, ocean, theme parks, etc....
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  15. Hamilton vs. The Office
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  16. "" vs. "The List App"
    Or logos.
    Suggested by @BWN_7