In reply to the delightful @k8zinker and 'anyone? anyone?' >> ANYONE? ANYONE?
  1. It has come to light that @k8zinker tends to read my lists with an Australian accent.
    You do what?!
  2. Am I supposed to be reading all your lists in the same way?!
    I don't want to offend @Lisa_Fav with my terrible French accent!
  3. I question the legitimacy of American's doing an Australian accent. To be honest, it's not the easiest accent to master.
  4. I get it though.. this is TLA and we do crazy stuff all the time (for shits and giggles!). I do wonder, do I need to post more Australiana references in my lists? (for accent purposes)
    Is BJ trying to be a quokka in this GIF?!
  5. So, to help out, I uploaded a little something to my insta to help you all out with my accent!.. which is not overly stereotypically Australian.
    Sorry to disappoint!
  6. I felt it appropriate to read one of my lists, for your reference!
  7. I'll be offering tutorials 9pm PST, Monday 4th April. Enquire within.
  8. EDIT: I want to be clear, as this list reads a little sarcastically (!) ... I LOVE LOVE that my lists are read (well, that they're read!) and on top of that, that they are read in my accent! This whole thing (of reading my lists in an Aus accent) has made my day! God bless TLA x