An open letter to @bjnovak
  1. A few weeks back, I read my niece The Book With No Pictures. She loved it.
    Confession: I actually bought it for her brothers when it first came out, but I didn't check the demographic and they were too old for it and didn't enjoy it.
  2. She loved it so much that I was requested to read it again.
  3. And again.
  4. And again.
  5. By this time, I had made such a racket about boo boo butts, blueberry pizzas and robotic monkeys that her brother wandered in to see what was going on!
    Maybe it was the exhaustive 'ba-dooongy face' that got his attention! Tbh, I loved every second of that dramatic monologue 😉
  6. I got to the end of the fourth recital and the eager 6 yo declares "again, again". I told her we pinky swore that that was the last time. And then hinted that maybe (just mayyybbbbeeeee) her brother might like to read it instead of me!
    I read the expression of interest on his face as he walked in!
  7. And so he did. He gets to the line, "In fact, it is completely and utterly preposterous" and starts to sound out 'preposterous'. I assist him, he asks for the definition. He replies, "cool, I like that word, I'm going to use it one day". I responded that I really hope he does.
  8. Cut to today!
  9. My sister replayed me a recording of his speech on 'change' at today's school assembly and in it he used 'preposterous'. My face lit up, my sister responds, "I don't even know where he pulled that word from" and I was like, "I do!".
    His sentence was: "I, for one, love change, the idea that one doesn't like change, to me, is preposterous!". He went on to cite the reasons why one should embrace change. He honestly is a child unto my own heart.
  10. Right there, I had a proud Aunt moment.
    B.J., I was just so proud and I figured this might make you happy or proud too ☺️
  11. Static
    And to think this photo was taken with joy and pride in hearing him read this (with the enthusiasm of an 11 year old boy) to his little sister. Only to have that joy and pride doubled knowing he learnt a new word that night! #heartonfull