1. "keep the door ajar"
    In other words, keep your options open.
  2. "don't mix your addictions"
    Learn to compartmentalise; your thoughts, feelings and sometimes your actual addictions!
  3. "understand your undercurrent"
    We all have core drivers (aka values) that we make our choices and decisions by. Once you know yours, life makes a lot more sense.
  4. "find your catharsis"
    You know that thing that when you do it, you're like 'I need to do this more often'? The one thing that allows you to be insular, retreat and uninterrupted. Find it. Do it regularly.
  5. "Do it by feel"
    Sounds kinky, and it could be. My lesson here is that those things we do well, authentic and brilliant, are best done by feel. No manual required!