Inspired by @nikkilounoel @amieshmamie 💛
  1. To find 'home' with my life's purpose, calling, career, vocation...
    and 'success' the fuck out of it!
  2. Travel continuously, unapologetically and with wild abandon: both solo and with travel loving souls.
    I wanna see the warts and all of this world, its glorious natural phenomena and the man-made masterpieces. I want to meet all the people. Enjoy all their cultures. Ahhhh. I want it now.
  3. Orgasm often! Passionate, seductive sex. Being made to feel sexy af through words and action!
    Ya gotta be specific ladies!!!
  4. Connect with as many people as I can
    Not necessarily connected to the above mentioned point!! 😬
  5. To continue being a role model to my younger cousins (and my niece and nephews) on how to take on life with vivacity.
  6. To age gracefully in both demeanor and physicality
  7. Experience sooooo many things. Almost all the things.
    Within reason people! All the good things and some of the naughty things! 😏
  8. Dream the impossible. Make it happen!
  9. An overall sense of balance across all areas.
    I'm being realistic as I never intend for life to get too comfortable, yet I would like to achieve a certain baseline balance!
  10. Learn continuously: from people, from books, from life.
  11. Acceptance of my choices
    By others. Big ask, I realize!
  12. Laughter!
    How did I forget that?!
  13. To not get too comfortable!
    I get uncomfortable with too much comfort. I'm complex!