1. Of all the emotions on social media, and indeed in life, joy (in my opinion) is the most undervalued.
    ..and perhaps, underused (when you compare it to fear, anger and disgust)
  2. Yet it's power is so strong and far reaching
  3. Except it needs to be exercised in order to reach its potential.
  4. 💓
  5. That's why I am choosing to behave with joy as my communicator
  6. I have list requested a bunch of you to share your joys with our List App family.
    This went to the last lot of people in my notifications that have interacted with me ... and it's not limited (obviously) to these people. @ me into your lists, so you can share your joyous heart with mine!
  7. In hope to trend joyful messages.
  8. 💞
  9. Get creative
  10. Get personal
  11. Get vulnerable
  12. Get *joy* to fill the hearts and minds of those around you..
  13. Take this beyond the List App
  14. Let your joy be limitless
  15. Share it with others and encourage more joy in our world.
    God knows, we need it.