Some days this list is easy, some days it's overwhelming. This list feels incomplete.
  1. waking up
  2. feeding myself and others, nutritious (or semi-nutritious meals) at least 3 times a day
    Or the mere provisions of these meals
  3. go shopping for everything that is required for life for the rest somehow.
  4. be clean and presentable
  5. stay on top of house work
    either adequately enough for presentation to Mother or more so to avoid her scrutiny.
  6. give enough love within my desires to each member of the household and beyond
  7. manage expectations
    (Also directly linked to above)
  8. maintain a harmonious balance in household, and beyond
    (Also directly linked to above)
  9. get to classes and clear my mind enough to fill it with more stuff
  10. get assignments/tests done to the grade expectation of my goals.
  11. keep my rampant imagination at bay.
  12. minimize worry and concern
  13. live in the moment
  14. appreciate the little things that make me smile
  15. balance family, friends and social engagements
  16. rest, sleep.
  17. earn money
  18. dream up goals to avoid stagnation, then work toward them, maybe achieve some
  19. travel or in the very least dream of traveling when unable to
  20. stay updated
  21. give back
  22. be true to myself