my Secret Santa 🎅🏼 List
  1. arrived home this morning after a red eye flight and extreme hangover to a package FROM CHICAGO!!
  2. I opened it and this sweet, sweet smell filled my senses.
    Also, a hand written letter 😍
  3. Do I know the 'Lou? Which high school you go to?!
    My bff spending Christmas with us this year is an STL native, so short answer is yes! ;)
  4. MASSIVE LOVE for these Dylan's Candy sweets and right on with things I can't get here*
    *we can get Reese's but not the other sweets.
  5. This is my "Holy shit those chocolate covered gummi bears are incredible" (and I'm feeling like garbage) face.
    Those sours are 👌🏼 too.. saving the Butterfinger.
  6. So yeah. I pretty much just became famous through association because @chriscady sent me candy and respected my wishes for no 'dust collectors'
    Though now I'm a little sad to not get an original Cady Pottery Nude. Totally would have broken my rule for that. Live + learn!
  7. Thanks Chris and Merry Christmas 😘
  8. You know I love the hell outta you for doing this.. 😘