'tick' your box! [yo, its rhetorical!)
  1. ◻️ I've got so little going on in my life that investing heavily in these shenanigans kinda excites me. #noshame
  2. ◻️ I'm the kinda human that'll jump on a soapbox at any opportunity to declare my opinion. #listenfools
  3. ◻️ I'm ignoring my feed bc the whingers (whiners) got me hella depressed. #bblbbs
  4. ◻️ I'm not good with change. Actually, I'm just realizing how bad I am with change. Maybe this is clinical. #🤔
  5. ◻️ I'm a natural born antagonist and pray for these updates. #weirdkink #dontjudge
  6. ◻️ I got bigger stuff going on in my life, li.st dramas be like 'say what?!' #youdoyou
  7. ◻️ curious into how y'all think and feel! #nerdingout
  8. ◻️ this is why I haven't updated and still see relists and trending. #confettiyo!
  9. Static
    And I absolutely and wholeheartedly concur @jennifer1482 xo