A little creative writing inspired by my recent spin on the ice and the hopeless romantic residing inside.
  1. "Light the fire, I'll be in soon", I text from the damp log I was sitting on.
  2. Soon was debatable though, given the majestic beauty in front of me.
  3. With the last lace tightened, I placed both feet down, stood up and pushed off. It felt like I was gliding forever before needing to push off with my left foot.
  4. I became instantly aware of how tiny I was. The valley enveloping around me. The shape of an eagle above, gliding in time with me. A simultaneous rhythm.
  5. My senses were piqued.
  6. Freedom in movement. Freedom.
  7. Spins, sways and figure-8s. I felt so big, yet so small. My heart was on full, my smile wide. Like a child with no boundaries.
  8. I could see a small plume of smoke from the cabin's chimney. It felt so far away. The enticement of a warm fire and full-bodied red started to creep in.
  9. Knowing the lake would still be frozen tomorrow, I made my way back to the log at a leisurely pace.