A fomo list. With optional suggestions to help @Lisa_Fav with her stay in LA.
  1. So we're staying in Santa Clarita with your Aunt? We'll need this: http://www.santaclaritatransit.com/routes-schedules/commuter-express/los-angeles/
    ...or maybe I just lady-up and hire a car and get on the wrong side of the road. 😬
  2. SUNDAY: we convince your family to drive us to Malibu for a west-aussie classic Sunday Seah! Ie, dinner and or drinking by the ocean watching the sunset.
    + L.A. peeps: where in Malibu should we go?
  3. MONDAY AM: ok, so this morning we're going for a hike. References @Grosstastic's lists for ideas. We could go into town, but I've been told Runyon is too busy.
    + L.A. peeps: please suggest all the L.A. based hikes.
  4. MONDAY PM: we pick a restaurant/cafe off the numerous foods lists for lunch and then spend the rest of the day wondering around Downtown and the 'burbs. We do ridiculous American accents to seem local. One guy buys that I'm from Texas. We laugh.
    +L.A. peeps: where in Downtown do we go for lunch? Preferably somewhere with Schnitzel!
  5. TUESDAY AM: after begging you to do the Warner Bros tour with me, you finally cave. I love this tour. It's my third time on the working lot and you love visiting the now preserved Central Perk in the museum. We sit on the couch pretending we're Friends characters until we're kicked out. [is CP still in the WB museum?]
    + L.A. peeps: any one get us tickets to Ellen?
  6. TUESDAY PM: we kick around in Burbank for a while. We sit in a cafe talking like Hollywood producers and some woman joins in like she knows the 'project' we're working on! We then visit Griffith Obs and Park. The view is great. We catch an Uber over to Mulholland and sit at that look out drinking rosè (your choice) til the stars come out.
    + L.A. peeps: do we stay at Griffith or go to Mulholland? Or is there a better look out?
  7. WEDNESDAY AM: holy happy beach day!! We set off early for a day in Santa Monica - Venice. We get breakfast and mimosas at one of those fancy beachside restaurants. We swim, bake and then test our friendship by hiring a tandem bike and ride to Venice. Our friendship survives!
    + L.A. peeps: where should we go for breakfast? Must have mimosas.
  8. WEDNESDAY PM: we head over to HQ for your meet up. Not gonna lie, shit gets awkward, your invite wasn't +1. @jeremysomething was kind enough to suggest a local cantina to me where I can drown my sorrows. You text me pics with @listbot. You both look so happy. You join me after, I'm half cut on tequila, the tacos were amazing though. Good times.
    + L.A. peeps: where would you suggest I go for tequila and tacos in Venice?
  9. THURSDAY AM: my head hurts, but you remind me we have a date with the Surfliner. We get an uber to Union bc time is of the essence. We speak all things @HisDudeness and @ElDudetterino for the two hour ride. We stop off near La Jolla first because we visit my friend, then uber to down to the city.
    + L.A. peeps - hot tips for getting to San Diego?
  10. THURSDAY PM: not gonna lie.. things are a little blurry.. We meet Dude and Sarah and eat all the food and drink all the drinks.. I think we crash on their couch for the night. I joke about becoming you best friend because you slept with my feet in your face and that's the criteria for BFF. Like I said, it's hazy!
    + S.D. peeps - places to go, things to see? (No, we're not going to Sea World!)
  11. FRIDAY AM: shit! We have to get from SD to SC and back to LAX by the afternoon. We're screwed!! We haul major ass... We remark that we should've done Disneyland. We create a 'next time'!
    + All peeps: fast packing tips?
  12. Bisous, my love.. it's been UNREAL! 💋✌🏼️