Live Cook: Casonsei (northern italian dumplings) With My Mum!

this list will run over two days!..
  1. peel a kilo potatoes and boil until tender (soft tender)
    I'll convert to ounces/pound later! 1 kg = 2.205 pounds
  2. no one said these were healthy!!
  3. This is my mum. She's like, I may as well prepare my fruit platter today as well.
  4. Finely slice 1.5 big onions
  5. sauté the onions in a knob of butter
  6. Add this much sage
  7. mix in 1.5kg of minced (ground) pork.
    3.306 pounds
  8. Add this much parsley
  9. mum elegantly adding: salt, pepper and nutmeg. (no official quantities)
  10. We needed wine!! For the dish and for us!.. quick trip to get it
  11. Add spinach (a bag of spinach, chopped... or a block of frozen)
  12. And a generous splash of wine
  13. Cheers!
  14. mash or rice your boiled potatoes... let them cool.
  15. I drew the short straw (aka, I'm the daughter!) and chopping onions-on-onions for the sauce. Alas, tears.
    The sauce is onions + melted butter!
  16. just chillin' with the mixture, that's ch..cooling. Ok, that joke was unplanned and better in my head.
    Mum is being a total turbo, madly cleaning the kitchen, putting rubbish out etc. She's like, "put your phone away". Ugh. She loves me though. I think. 🤔
  17. Combine the pork mixture and potatoes
  18. "Piano, piano, mamma!" She is full-out taking the piss out of me here! She is so full on. She's got geriatrics ADHD.
  19. 500g Parmesan, 5 eggs, approx 2 cups of breadcrumbs and more nutmeg.
    500g = 1.103 pounds
  20. Always test the mixture! We added more fresh sage. Let it cool in the fridge.
  21. Morning!!! Happy Easter! Time to make the dough for the dumplings.
  22. I don't normally measure but mum is riding my ass about the dough 'not working' and about being quick, so.. "presto, presto"
    600 g 00 flour and 6 whole eggs (600g =1.322pounds)
  23. work the flour into the egg, and eventually knead into a dough
  24. guns out, manually knead for 15-20 mins. Warning: this is hard on the wrists, so use a machine/dough hook if your wrists are weak.
    You may need to wet your hands if the mixture is too flakey, dry etc.
  25. Start rolling lasagna sheets. Keep the dough covered when you're not using it.
    To think my uncle rolled these with a rolling pin! 😧
  26. whilst I made the pasta, mum was busy rolling these!
  27. skipped a step! Mamma making dumplings!
  28. Rolling out long width!
    "I'm better lengthways", says my mother! Like mother, like daughter 😏
  29. @iswari is here!... adding a South Indian flair to her version of casonsei
  30. Second batch of pasta and my wrists are officially ruined!
  31. these are some sexy casonsei (pronounced: cuz-on-say)
  32. tribe vibes! One big fam!
  33. Oh my lord...having to make 100g more pasta #lastleg
  34. Time for the sauce! 300g butter and 4 onions
  35. Boil until they rise
  36. Add butter onion sauce and Parmesan
  37. the Indian casonsei!!
  38. It's a taste off!!
  39. Holy hell! Those Indian casonsei are insane!!! SO GOOD!!
  40. I love this gal! With mum, we were a power trio in the kitchen. Both awesome flavours.
  41. a well earned wine and rest! 💋