Live Listing: Making Chicken Broth

I've become obsessed with making chicken broth since learning the @gabimoskowitz method, via this list: How to Spatchcock a Chicken
  1. I'm in the mood for chicken soup... let's make some broth! It's actually super easy.
  2. Start with the stems and leaves of any veggies you have.
    I always buy the untrimmed broccoli and celery specifically for making soup!
  3. Then add your freezer bagged veggie scraps*
    *see Gabi's list. This is basically off cuts, peels, and any discarded parts of vegetables you've used (that are good in a soup broth)
  4. Add your chicken carcass or chicken bits! You want as much bone in there as you can because that's where the flavour's at!
  5. Cover with water...
  6. Salt generously, and let it come to boil on a high heat.
  7. wait and watch... because watched pots do still boil!
    ...and watching this pot is better than understanding sensory functionalisation.
  8. Add some ground white pepper and reduce heat to simmer.
    then put the lid on slightly ajar.
  9. boil the kettle and have some salted water on standby. When the water in your stock starts to evaporate you want to top it up!
  10. top it up...
    Keep a check on the seasoning.
  11. ...always taste!
    It really is yummy @Heartsounds!
  12. reduce heat, lid on completely, walk away.
    your broth needs proper rest to get super tasty! Give it 30 mins.
  13. After being a total child and taking a bajillion fogged-up-glasses selfies, taste that ugly broth that should have reduced significantly!
    PS: looks ugly, tastes awesome!
  14. take out anything you can add in to a soup (in my case, the carrots and I'll pick apart the chicken), and discard the rest.
  15. use a sieve or cloth to strain the broth.
  16. let it cool, then ladle into zip-lock bags and freeze (here's one I prepared earlier!) for later ...
    OR... add veggies, chicken etc and make a soup... OR (better still) bring it back to the boil, add sliced spring onion and matzo balls 😋