nonsensical list about expanding the syntax of propositional logic
  1. Why are the little fuckers behind me talking? Why come to the actual lecture?!
  2. Ok, focusing.
  3. I can't work out if Sam (my lecturer) is hot. He's got a hot vibe. Ok.. focus.
  4. Ooh, we're dialing up the expressive power of propositional logic today. Right. I'm still trying to understand it in its non-dialed up form!
  5. Wait, slow down Sam, I can't find the symbol on my keyboard for the universal quantifier
  6. I love how enthusiastic Sam is about this language.. I'm simply entertained by the theatre of it all.
  7. Wait, another quantifier? Backward E? I don't have that symbol either. Crap.
    😩 I'm having an existential quantifier crisis! Ok, lame PL joke. Forgive me!
  8. Those little fuckers are still talking. This is hard enough to focus on.
  9. "And it's cool, because it's still a well formed formula" .. It is? It's so cool, Sam.
  10. Wait, so \-/x(Px Λ Ax) is still a well formed formula? Sweet.
  11. "This x binds to that, these two bind to that and these two x's don't matter". Wait, what?
  12. I think I'm going to need to watch this lecture back.
  13. He did say that things are about to get a lot more difficult. He wasn't exaggerating.
  14. Bound and unbound variables, up next!
  15. A free variable is when it is not bound into the scope of any quantifier.. Ok, I think that makes sense to me.
  16. Why do you insist on this making sense?! Have you not learned anything this semester, Jess?
  17. "Correct. The variable binds to the quantifier preceding it. Right to left" ..great, got it.
  18. Next week we're covering semantics!
  19. ...and those little fuckers are still fucking talking.