@readjulia will take the pro / @IamChrisTodd will take the con. This top was in part inspired by a conversation I shared with @Lisa_Fav. [this list is only open to the two debaters!]
  1. opening is: @readjulia for the pro.
  2. Emoji use is the bane of our civilization, a much greater scourge than homelessness or, say, Zika.
    Were we enlightened as a society, emojis would be a major topic of debate among today’s Presidential candidates. (It is a known fact that Trump communicates solely in emojis, which are then translated into real words by his employees.) Emojis have become the linguistic and communication shortcut for those too inarticulate to form an actual sentence.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  3. Then, @IamChrisTodd for the con..
  4. Trying to get your point across, aka articulate your thoughts? Use emoji.
    @readjulia's on the wrong side of history here. Consider the most articulate group in the modern era: Li.st users. Where would we be w/o emoji? The comments section would look like disjointed beat poems. ::This list made me laugh. Im crying so hard. From the laughing. You are one hundred & I am saving...this list for later:: All the great literary masters, our most articulate class of human, eschew the literal for metaphor. What are emoji if not the most succinct metaphors? ::bye Felicia emoji::
    Suggested by @IamChrisTodd
  5. [closing statements]
    I'll add your suggestions and will do my best to wake up and check during the 'night'! Remember I'm on the other side of the clock! ;)
  6. With all due respect to my colleague, let us not conflate "trends" with "history." To wit, much like Oppenheimer before him, even Scott Fahlman has come to regret the destructive nature of his invention — emojis. Fahlman is credited with inventing the emoticon in 1982, a time when most li.st-ers were merely lusty thoughts in their parents’ minds.
    Allow me to leave you with this bone-chilling thought: there is perhaps no greater evidence that emojis are the favored communication mode of the inarticulate than the millions of dollars Kim Kardashian, patron saint of the inarticulate and vocabulary-challenged, has earned from selling her own custom set of emojis. Every time we select one-teardrop-sad-face or blowing-kiss-face, we are taking our stand firmly in the camp of those attempting to Keep up with You-Know-Who.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  7. Kim Kardashian? Donald Trump? These are simply outliers and should not be an indictment of the entire emoji community. The Heaven's Gate cult was a well-known, high-profile case of people wearing Nike Shoes. Yet, nobody would classify Nike shoes as a cult shoe. It's the shoe of Michael Jordan, the shoe of champions
    When looking at the emoji movement (yes, I've escalated it from a trend to a movement) you must look at those who do it well. If this debate is any indication, @readjulia is very articulate. Yet, as seen in the attached pic, she also uses emoji. The emoji users are not the inarticulate monsters you've painted them to be. Who uses emoji? Sure, Kim K, but also our sisters, brothers, and friends. Most of whom are incredibly articulate. In the immortal words of Shakespeare: I love emoji.
    Suggested by @IamChrisTodd
    The imagery in Julia's opening debate of Trump writing speeches with emoji is short story worthy! Then Chris hits us with the comment section beat poem.. you two! Even as I write this I don't know which way to go. I keep reading the closing statements.. and though I may have inadvertently undone your argument @readjulia before it began by putting 'only' in the topic, I award this to debate to @IamChrisTodd. Thoroughly enjoyed this debate!
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