1. [TIME] Sunday, July 31, 10am Eastern .. tune in and let's Mass Debate together!
    Please.. It's a Sunday morning.. we're not animals! 10am is civil, right?!
  2. [TOPIC] Harry Potter related. I mean it is his birthday!.. real time that should make him 29?. yes?. apparently there is conjecture on the web about that..
    Fun fact: Harry shares his birthday with some pretty cool peeps 😏 ..including JK Rowling herself!
  3. If you agree with the top, you're PRO, if you don't, you're CON.. put your best debate forward! Open list, so just go ahead and suggest!..
    Feel free to pick up on other's arguments and debate them!..
  4. As per usual, the topic will be revealed at the time above.
  5. Giphy
    OML little Hermione is the cutest!