I know that Pokémon GO was so last week! Let's just indulge in it one more time. Apparently Pokiés are using the app to score dates.. @MandyKN will debate the PRO + @TQ will debate the CON. This is an open list for the debaters only.
  1. @MandyKN for the PRO: Pokémon GO relationships will outlast relationships started from conventional dating apps.
  2. Yes, it's obvious, people who meet playing Pokemon Go are far more likely to stick together for Pokemon-ever than hopeful lovebirds using dating apps. There are so many reasons but the real kicker is people playing Pokemon meet...gasp...in person for the very first time.
    There is no weird message flirting, no waiting just the right amount of time to respond, no careful selection of emojis. Just straight up human interaction - the original text message. Another benefit of meeting in person is the 0% chance of unmet expectations. After hearing many tinder woes one thing I'm sure of: expectations are the death of chemistry. Instead let that cutie teach you how to throw a greatball with max efficiency and start a lifelong adventure of catching them all.
    Suggested by @MandyKN
  3. @TQ for the CON: Pokémon GO relationships will NOT outlast relationships started from conventional dating apps.
  4. Closing statements:
  5. We've all heard it: You'll find love when you're not looking for it. When you're playing Pokemon Go there's only one thing you're looking for-wild beautiful Pokemon. Love the , when it is found, is not the expectation but instead a sweet surprise, a serendipitous event, maybe even....fate!
    Dating apps are downloaded as a step on the search for love. They are tools for the war-torn knight tasked with a daunting mission, to find a match. Meetings that result from these apps aren't fun adventures, they're charged interactions - is this person THE person? Pokemon places its users in a land of whimsy w no goal other than to dive deep into a land of nostalgia. I can't imagine a more perfect setting for stumbling upon love & developing a low pressure, high-fun, long-lasting relationship.
    Suggested by @MandyKN
    @MandyKN, your whimsy and romantic account of P-GO makes me want to google that shit and get amongst it!.. but will it last?!.. not according to @TQ, who delightfully cross-promoted lists in a bid to prove P-GO and other non-dating apps (*gasp* like our beloved li.st) don't have the stamina a good relationship needs at its foundation. As romantic as the journey was Mandy, I'm throwing to TQ for this one. I want to believe in a happily-ever-Pikachu .. but I'm not convinced :/
  7. As always.. thank you debaters. Next Sunday will be our open debate, I hope you both return for more :)
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