#MGM: Mental Gluttony Monday's

I feel like I have consumed so much information today! This list accounts for all that mental munching, excluding social media, and chronologically.
  1. Drake Radio
    A little waking up of the senses. Though this is more physical than mental, it still counts because I listen to the lyrics and am always in a state of 'thought' over them! Nothing like Cheerios and DJ Khaled!
  2. Mass + Volume podcast
    I have so many poddies to catch up on and my commutes are the best way (fact: I get motion sick if I read in the car/bus). I chose this M+V from the many I want to listen to due to the title. It is so thought provoking. This list also reminds me that I need to put in my order for Jess' book.
  3. A lecture on Social + Emotional Development
    This morning we kicked Mondayitis off with a Psychology lecture. A little 45 minute intensive of infant to adult Social and Emotional development. Of course I found the study, Harlow's Monkeys on attachment, ridiculously endearing. So adorable! Poor little lab-monkeys. Oh how ethics have changed us.
  4. Then a lecture on Bi- and Multilingualism
    After realizing I left my usb-keyring in the library computer, I returned to my linguistics lecture. I love my Linguistics unit and today was a blissed out lesson on Bilingualism and Multilingualism. Interestingly, bilingualism isn't as black and white as I understood it to be. More on that in the text I still have to read!
  5. Revisionist History podcast
    I told you I'm catching up! If you aren't already on the Gladwell train, hop aboard! This was such an interesting concept that I'm keen to learn more about (eventually!) In this episode Malcolm explores Generous Orthodoxy with a 98 y.o Mennonite pastor. Super humanizing.
  6. Four lab reports of Social Media use and Narcissism
    This semester's Psychology lab report assessment is exploring the link between the narcissistic personality and social media use and in particular, posting selfies. I'm super interested in this juicy topic, so reading these usually laborious lab reports is actually enjoyable. Four down, a bajillion more to go!
  7. Watching The Project while I eat my dinner
    Australian archeological digs revealing kickass dinosaurs, epileptic brain surgery, end-of-life doulas, and men park better than women (not better than this woman!). The Project is a format of news delivery I enjoy. The hosts are intelligent, informed journalists and deliver in such a warm, human way. Not to mention, they are in touch with pop culture and humor. The news is local, it's international: it works for me!
  8. I took 30 to learn all about The Stay At Home MILF!
    Ok, I watched The Mindy Project. The lines in this one were above average (above TMP average) 👌🏼. It totally counts, it was still information I digested! I love a show that's happy to use the line "tits deep..".
  9. Last essay to read!.. Describing Bilingualism (Chin & Wigglesworth, 2007)
    Delving into the discussion on bilingualism. The many view points on the 'correct' definition and then the authors description of bilingualism and the levels they theorise. I'm a passive bilingualist by definition (raised English-speaking to Italian migrants with a passive understanding of Italian).
  10. Ok. I just really want to stay committed to my leisure reading while I can..
    ..just a few pages of The Fountainhead before my eyes close themselves. I want to keep the momentum I have with this read. I've got this on lock: pillows and peppermint tea at the ready. Let's do this Roark!