My Autumn Aesthetic

Inspired, will build on this.
  1. p h o n e
    pink Perth sunset and a pelican on a light post. I see this screen so much, needs to make me happy.
  2. s t y l e
    ripped blues, regular red and cream linen cami, with nude gloss nails and my ftc friendship string
  3. b e d r o o m
    stacking stones, chain of hearts, salt lamp glows and white-on-white linen.
  4. s t y l e
    open button up shirts, white on blue, rolled sleeves.
  5. m o r n i n g s
    sitting on the back step: coffee, tunes, stillness, dropping leaves and long-ass cardigans.
  6. h e a l t h
    laces, no ego, beats on beats on beats.
  7. s o u l
    yoga is a practice... surrender is also a practice. palms up to receive.