...so far. I am already and bound to miss people! @ me if you want in on my bucket list!
  1. Eat parfait with @Lisa_Fav in Paris and correct each other's language skills
  2. Have @DawnCloud take me to her favourite restaurant in NYC. And when I say her favourite, I mean ramen.
  3. Netflix and Chill and get filthy drunk with @LeahG in her apartment (and do drunk headstands!)
  4. Catch a Malibu sunset with @nikkilounoel
  5. A hike up Tambourine Mtn with @jpbateson
  6. Lose to @jennifergster in a sweets eating contest and have her hold my hair back as I throw up like a drunk teenager.
  7. Have @olive teach me how to twerk. Dead set. We're doing this, Olive.
  8. Beat @Nicholas at a cuddling contest. I am in fact the worlds best cuddler.
    cuddlee volunteers required!
  9. Drink a case of Pacifico with @jeremysomething and then go dancing!
  10. Have a vegemite-on-toast breakfast with @andersun in the sunshine in the Colorado mountains!
  11. Go wake-boarding on @BWN_7's lake.
    Does it freeze over Brett? Can I ice skate on it? I'll take that option if it does!
  12. Use @element75's new bathroom and then go to a speakeasy for whiskey
  13. A Napa wine tasting tour with @cvlop61 that ends in a brownie eating sesh at her place!
  14. Accost someone's brownstone stoop and partake in aperitivo beverages with @sky while being teased about my pathetic attempts at a Bostonian accent
    Bring @ErinFlaherty with you!
  15. Totally cliche hangs with my southern belle beauties ala this photo — @amieshmamie @k8zinker @kate81 @justjills @jhope71 — drinking mint juleps and having @DCB pop his head out just to 'see if we're all good for snacks'!..
    ...but really we know he's wanting in on our merriments!
  16. Collaborate with @Boogie and @marymurphy on the first (and maybe only!) li.st festival-style meet up.
    Think Coachella, dial it back. Way back! So basically a weekend of festival-esque behaviour!
  17. Beach day with @shanaz and Eli.
    Not gonna lie, there are 'refreshing' beverages in the cooler!
  18. Doritos and tequila with @HisDudeness
  19. steam sauna with @Heartsounds, followed by a classy high tea and then snack on some (legal.. medicinal?!) little edibles, whilst soaking up her immense and sage knowledge of life.
    I'll check out that spa! I went to a fun little cave sauna in Glenwood Springs, CO once. So good.