1. I did a life clean up yesterday and that included my work space.. this is what remains.
    I'm super in love with it.
  2. Two penguin classics to stage the following:
  3. A glass jar of pencils, pens, sharpies, eraser and scissors
    I'm more of a pencil girl. No sharpener bc it broke yesterday.
  4. Sugar rosè lip balm
  5. French hand cream
    Ooohh la la!
  6. Ganesha
    He keeps me organized and helps me through obstacles.
  7. On the desk, we also have:
  8. Headphones.
  9. MacBook Pro
  10. Photo of Dad and I
    I moved it from my bedroom after I wrote a list about him. It makes more sense on my desk.
  11. Glasses case
    Wearing the glasses that go in it!
  12. Water bottle..
    ...some times coffee, some times beer, some times champagne, but always water!
  13. Notepad with a to-do list.
    Today I need to: read + prep for Comms tute, catch up on Psych, import some photos I took in my Educ lecture to my one note notes and prep4 assignments.
  14. Oh, and my desk, which was my Dad's. It's a vintage (as in USSR vintage) world map.