Thanks for the request @aus10 (ps. I love requests, they're like a personal @ListPrompts!. yep, still not over that!), this is a list of typical Aussie foods I enjoy (I'll put an asterisk next to my faves)
  1. Breakfast: toast with Vegemite and avocado*
    You can sub the toast with an English muffin (similar, but not the same as a US biscuit) .. I actually just made this (pictured) because I got hungry listing about it!
  2. Breakfast: Weetbix
    This was a childhood staple. I've always had a crazy ass metabolism and I could smash a bowl of 8 of these easily. / picture courtesy of the Internet!
  3. Breakfast: crumpets*
    Yes, I know!.. these are British, and effectively anything Australian is British-derived (and every other culture!) .. enough talk!.. get in my body, Crumpet! (Preferably with honey, peanut butter, Vegemite or PB, bacon and maple!)
  4. ...let's clarify: these are the Aussie foods I enjoy.. not a list of my everyday fancies!
  5. Lunch: sausage roll with sauce
    >>sauce is tomato ketchup. This little meat morsel is ground/minced meat with flavourings and sometimes veggies like carrot (the fancy homemade kind), wrapped in puff pastry.
  6. Lunch: meat pie*
    I specifically love a steak and mushroom meat pie (pictured). A meat pie is a short-crust pastry pie filled with meat and gravy, with a puff pastry lid. People will have a ritual to how they eat these. My ritual is to peel back the pastry lid, let the steam out, put some tomato sauce on the meat and use the lid as a spoon to eat the excess filling, then I devour the lot. This is hand-held food only. Cutlery use is a sin.
  7. Dinner: fish and chips*
    Again, a British derived food and I'm going to cause a mass debate here.. Aussie's do it better! Whoa, did I just say that?! Yep! Because we do. Australia is blessed with a lot of coastline and the best seafood.. / Chips are thick cut fries. / picture: fish and chips at the beach last week!.. we had already eaten the fish and I was eating crumbed calamari in the pic.
  8. Dinner: lamb roast, slow cooked on the Weber*
    So a roast could come from any country, but Aus (and NZ) lamb is of the highest quality and it has been declared the meat of our nation (though arguably we also produce world quality beef!) .. we do a slow roast most Sunday's in the cooler months and this delicious meat is my all time fave.. add some rosemary and garlic, salt and olive oil and set that burner to low and slow. Ok, I'm actually getting turned on 🔥
  9. ...ok, so I have seen the palette forming and I do realise it's lacking green! And that's ok, because these are just faves, I eat my greens too!
  10. Dessert: Tim Tam slam*
    The Tim Tam became popular in the States when Hugh Jackman introduced them to Oprah.. and meanwhile, Down Under, we'd been slamming those babies since Noah was a boy. The slam will require a list of its own.. Suffice to say: chocolate on chocolate on chocolate biscuit (y'all we call a cookie a biscuit down here), a nibble out of each corner, dunked in a warm milky beverage, suck the beverage up that Tim Tam (like its a straw) and then SLAM that melting sucker in your mouth! Enjoy!
  11. Dessert: Milo
    Milo is a malt drink that I would drink in copious amounts as a child.. I don't drink it so much these days. Usually if I crave it, I don't have any!
  12. Drinks: Red Wine*
    Australia has some of the best quality wineries in the world (yeah folks, little Australia is up there in the classy culinary world!) .. and if you hand me a glass of full bodied Shiraz it's likely we'll be life long friends (unless you're a complete a-hole!) my current fave red is from a South Australian winery, it's pictured.
  13. Drinks: Beer*
    I'm not one for the big name beer companies, I'm more of a micro or boutique brew gal. My Aussie fave would have to be Little Creatures Bright Ale
  14. Notable mentions to ANZAC biscuits - when made correctly. They must be chewy. End of story.
  15. Oh and this.. because Matt Bomer and TimTams.
    If you GIF search Tim Tams, there is an interview series with Bomer 🙌🏼
  16. You'll note there are some classics missing.. I guess I'm just not that stereotypical Aussie.
    pronounced OZ-EEE .. Please don't pronounce the S.. and it's a hard S any way. ☺️ ..and while I'm here, please don't Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi. Ew. Who the hell created that nonsense?!
  17. Feel free to ask questions!..