Alt title: Jewish Balls, Ranked / Alt title: My Balls Enlarged And I Didn't Go To Hospital.
  1. @Lisa_Fav sent me the most amazing gifts for my birthday and included was a packet of Matzo Ball dry mix. I was so excited to try it.
  2. I'm actually lucky to have received them.. my balls were inspected by Border Control.
  3. I decided today was the day. I was so excited to tell Fav, but she was sleeping. So I tweeted her instead.
  4. The packet said to bring to the boil the packet soup which Fav did not send me! Instead, I made chicken broth from scratch.
    Skills, yo!
  5. Surprisingly, the instructions to make the balls were super simple.. I let my inner 0.9% Jewish girl (legit 0.3%, the other 0.6% comes from my name) take over and I ditched the recipe* and freestyled it. How hard can Jewish balls be?!
    *the recipe Fav went to a lot of trouble to translate out for me in English. 😬
  6. The recipe called for 10 balls.. truly, I felt like this was excessive for one person and I don't like wastage! Also, there wasn't a lot of mix to work with. So I made two!*
    In my defense, every pic I've seen online is just one or two balls.. sooooo..... [*yes, I understand that this makes no sense mathematically, Fav!]
    Ok, so maybe if I followed the rec.. blah blah blah!
  8. Of course I copped a large amount of shit from Fav for not paying attention to her recipe!
  9. There was some tweeting..
  10. There was some snapping..
  11. There was some whatsapping...
  12. So I just let my enlarged Jewish balls simmer a little longer. I got on with making my schnitzel. Yep. I really overcommitted with the quantity of food I was preparing for just me!!
    I ate all of that btw!
  13. I sat down to my first serving of Matzo Ball Soup and I was so excited.
  14. my taste reaction..
    "Oh my G-d, that's so good" was what I said following this moment.
  15. So yeah... I LOVE MATZO BALL SOUP!
  16. .... alt title: Jewish Balls, Ranked
    Confession time. These two balls are the *only* Jewish balls that have been in my mouth.
  17. 1. The first ball.
    It was firm but not hard, it was moist and completely tasty.
  18. 2. The second ball.
    It was hard and not as tasty. I don't know why!
  19. ....
  20. Ok!.. so that was my first Matzo Ball Soup experience!
  21. ✌🏼️+ 🍲