This evening I took part in my first nude yoga class. Hosted by Twisting Peacock Yoga, Perth W.Australia. I'm listing my journey ✌🏼️ // rated: PG13 (adult themes)
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    The lead up was full of jokes, accolades for my 'bravery' and anxious bystanders
    My announcing that I was going to do a nude yoga class was mostly met with curiosity, with varying degrees of anxiety (for me) and excitement (for me)!
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    I was mildly self conscious; I'm a week away from my wax appointment, so last night I ladyscaped, dry scrubbed, oiled etc. All pointless and a waste of time!
    Who was I to know?!
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    I finished work, scoffed half a packet of chips (potato crisps), snapchatted a particularly concerned friend and then headed to class
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    I was super early so I sat in the car and chilled for a bit.
    I tried geotagging, but it's not locating the studio..
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    I headed up to the studio and met with my teacher and friend, Mel. She was already half naked and putting up block outs on the windows.
    I got settled and filled in their forms etc..
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    The studio is typically a hot yoga studio and the temperature in and out of the studio was near on 40C (~110F), so I was kinda looking forward to getting my kit off.
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    I was loitering and Mel was now down to just her g-string, so I felt it was time. It's strange to head to the toilet, and not put your underwear back on!
    I put my sarong on, snapchatted Emily and got my naked game face on!.. yep, that's my game face!
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    It took forever for my friends to rock up, so I set up my spot (front row, not my choice.. ended up not being too bad a spot though)
    She created a beautiful sanctuary that put any concerns to rest immediately. It was very dim lighting, candles, fans to generate air flow and so beautifully warm that wearing clothes would have been highly inconvenient!
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    Ok, so at this point I have to fess up. I now know what it's like when guys divert their attention from trying not to look at our boobs. I had to consciously not look at Mel's. She has a gorgeous rack too.
    I still can't explain why, perhaps it was just my rampant curiosity. I mean it was easy not to look further down, but the boobs were right there.. I should have fessed up to her and just asked to stare her down and get it done with. It's silly bc I come from a family not afraid to nude up, eh.. that's family though!
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    And we haven't even started class yet!! Idle chit chat with the other ladies. There was 16 of us total. Just as I was headed in, my friend Tracey rocks up! She and I came up with this together and it felt right to wait for her
    Ok, so hugging naked before class was kind of awkward.. After class, not a single issue!
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    Ok, I go in, settle onto my mat (which had a towel down).. No one else seemed to be nuding up yet.. So I kept my sarong on and exposed my left leg up to my groin.. Risqué!
    Mostly by accident, but I left it that way and that was intentional. Why?! I have no idea! I guess I felt sexy.
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    Mel comes in and settled us into our class, it's a Yin (restorative) class and I breath out relief!.. no downward dogs and no standing forward bends.
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    First posture: reclined butterfly 😳
    WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! No easing us in, straight up, legs open, feel the fan breeze on your nethers.
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    The fabric of my sarong eased away, like bed sheets on a warm summers night .. class continued
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    Yin holds a posture for up to 5 minutes, so there is plenty of thinking time, here are my thoughts:
    I like my boobs / I don't like my boobs from that angle / i wonder if anyone is looking at my bits / no one is looking at your bits / even if they were.. / is that sweat?/ I am loving not wearing clothes right now / should I be embarrassed? (no) / was it bravery that got me here? (no) / am I being vulnerable right now (I don't feel vulnerable) / savasana [end of class] nooo, not yet, I don't want to finish...
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    At the end of class we were invited to sit cross-legged, put our hands in prayer (🙏🏼) at our heart (in my cleavage) and I looked down and smiled at myself .. namaste Mel, namaste Me.
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    I packed up and my nakey squad were chit chatting on their mats. I had already put my sarong back on, but they were all starkers (naked) still. What to do?! I can't be awkward now!
    Off comes the sarong and we four sat there talking about class, sharing the complimentary juice we got and talking about the joys of no clothing (esp on a 40C day!)
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    Time to go.. "Well, there is this one thing I was doing before class", I say coyly.. Before I could finish the word snapchat, my naked-lovin squad had their sarongs off and were in the studio getting posed up!
    Mel was keen to get some photos for her website and whatever other reasons she had. I don't think we cared.. we were liberated!
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    Thanks for taking this first time journey with me in List form .. Namaste Listers 🙏🏼
    with the nakey squad's permission!... // is this pic even allowed?! Am I violating any no-butt codes?!