well played @andersun (see: My Rules For Li.st) .. likely more underwhelming than you may expect from me!
  1. ❤️: if I like it or supporting a friend
    Fact: I hit like without reading some lists. Doesn't backfire often. Happy to like without relists etc
  2. Un❤️: I only unlike in extreme cases or if it's within a split second of liking.
    Fact: I generally don't unlike even when I accidentally like a list (that like toggle where the back toggle used to be is murder!)
  3. 🔁: if the list resonates with me or supporting a friend.
    Fact: I'll relist you just to get you into or back into trend. Falling out of trend hurts like a motherfucker. I understand that pain all too well! Happy to relist without liking.. it might be relevant to others..
  4. 💾: I save with the best intentions!!
    Fact: the list in mine I've actually gone back to more than once was @gabimoskowitz' Cauliflower Buffalo Wings recipe!
  5. Comments: if I don't have anything kind or funny to say, I generally will refrain.
    Fact: happy to ignore this guideline if you fuckers get too unruly. Happy to comment without liking/relisting.. I might not like it, but may wish to tag someone in or make a comment still!
  6. List Requests: I'll do them if they are interesting to me or I have something to contribute.. I don't usually do them to be part of a wave. I will LR you to learn more about you, to get you to share your beautiful self with others or to gratuitously get what I want! (I.e., LR'ing B.J. for a selfie list.. I mean who doesn't want that?!)
    Fact: I do use LR to private message.. doesn't everybody?!
  7. I won't entertain controversy or negative lists. It's just not in my nature.
    Fact: when li.st-issues spill out into other SNS' I understand what I need to know not to be completely oblivious and then I'm like, "hey real world, what's good?!"
  8. I won't comment on lists that are hyper-American.. if I don't 'get it', I don't go there.
    Fact: I love the Arts but all those Hamilton lists had me like 🙄 ..ugh, next! (..full disclosure: I love America, truly, I'm just not up with your daily/hourly Americanisms!)
  9. Refrain from listing too often
    I was hitting up li.st in a dysfunctional way a few months back.. Now I'm striving for quality over quantity.
  10. Trends, publishing times, follower numbers etc..
    Eh! I've given up on those shenanigans. That actually feels good to type! Only took almost a year!
  11. Respect! Aim for a healthy level of respectful connection. Remembering that every single handle has a human behind it from @bjnovak to the latest troll, and all the glorious listers in between.
    Fact: it's easy to lose sight of the human quality on any SNS. It's easier to see just the words and not the human receiving them.. the joy or the tears.. the fear or elation. I truly do try and adhere to this one guideline above all else. ❤️
  12. [these guidelines are subject to change]