And by 'my', I mean ideas I'd like to research. These may or may not have been studied before. I'm just bringing over my list from my notes app to my list app! In the very least this will be a running commentary of my thoughts!
  1. something about the cognitive relationship of umami and emotion
    (Whenever I write 'something' it means the hypothesis isn't clear in my mind yet!)
  2. something to do which links the vulnerable narcissist and passive online stalking
  3. is there a correlation between anxiety and intestinal distress
  4. perception/archival study: do we still have 'a long way to go' until we reach equality (gender)
  5. Are the same cognitive functions employed in internal* road rage the same as cyber rage (or bullying)
    *within the car (i.e., not face to face)
  6. exploring cognitive function and obsession (specifically the effects of obsession and higher-level cognition)
    any clues into which area of psych is jazzing me?!
  7. Suggested by a friend a while ago: self-exploration in the age of online anonymity
    Of which I am absolutely fascinated by and have no clue where to start.
  8. Researching the effects of 'mental cross-training'* on higher-level cognitive function on university students
    *like leisure reading and puzzles
  9. "Gut-feel" people show greater traits in persistence.
  10. Something to do with cognitive memory models and Snapchat use
    Working memory, STM, LTM etc
  11. Hypothesis: it is possible to feel real love (be attracted to) complete strangers / or people of anonymous identity.
    I wonder how one structures such a research effort? Who wants a part in a reality TV show in which I defy all psychological ethics?!
  12. something about emotional compatibility in relationships
  13. Exploring if celebrities (of all genres) endure more mind fuckery than laypeople and hypothesizing that they do, what are the cognitive effects? Can the effects be compared to psychological torture/abuse? What mental states/traits better adapt to said conditions?
    I do know where I pulled this one from. I don't ask, I just write down the ideas as they come!
  14. something to do with emotional compartmentalization.
  15. anything cognitive/emotional about children's social development via social media.
    Particularly interested in deviating from the 'addiction' theory and exploring the emotional reward (likes:attention on emotion etc). Fuck it. Cross-sectional longitudinal with teens and adults, while I'm at it!