My journey to my six minute mile, and 20 minute 5km. Long press the title and join our run club x
  1. My want (nay, desire) to start running again has been growing. It has been hard to go back after chronic injury. However, I made a pact with a friend, so here we are!
    Stephanie is sending me a legit trophy if I do a 20 minute 5km!
  2. Am I competitive? Kind of. Like I am, but not in that serious way. I'm actually mostly competitive with myself. Hence why I like yoga and running.
  3. I'm a moderate paced distance runner. So my goal now is to become a fast paced short distance runner. With the hope and aim to mayyyyybbbbbeeeee stretch that fast pace to some distance and qualify for Boston 26.1 one day!
    I know how ridiculously hard it is to prepare for those runs so that's why it's a hard maybe at this stage.
  4. This journal is mostly to keep me motivated because that's where I struggle. Getting out of bed is my run nemesis!
  5. [Wk 1] Monday: 6am: Riverside: 1.62km: 9:35mins
    First run after a couple years of not running. Happy with my time, roughly on par with my old times. Recovered well, minimal stretching.
  6. [Wk 1] Friday: 8:30am: Beach run (on sand): 1.62km: 11:03mins
    Decided to go for a beach run post paddle-boarding. Was distracted by my minimal support bikini and my dog running amuck! Stamina felt better though despite the slower time. No stretching.
  7. [Wk 2] Tuesday 7:30am : Beach (footpath) : 1.62km : 9.31mins
    Hills and head winds and I'm improving! Sticking with the mile runs until I can drop my time. My ankles weren't loving life to begin with, so I might need to add in some strength work to my week. Now I'm watching my nephews finish their surf club training!
  8. [wk 2] friday 6:30am : riverside pavement : 1.62km : 9:20mins
    Fastest run so far and I'm happy bc one it shows improvement and two it shows I can pick up my pace at the end (meaning I could go further!). I dicked around on my phone taking snaps early in the run, so I'm pleased I improved on my time. Easy run. Time to break the 9 min mark.
  9. [wk 3] Monday : 5pm : riverside : 1.62 : 8:30mins
    🙌🏼 I broke the 9s! I brought a pace setter this time, my excitable pup! Terrible head wind on the way back which slowed me considerably on the last 600m. I nearly died (it was still very sunny), yet I'm so happy, grateful and proud! Recovering and feeling good.
  10. [wk 3] Wednesday : 6:30am : riverside: 1.62km : 8:50mins
    I regressed a little today and it was to be expected. I've not been preparing (stretching, eating, hydrating) adequately and I only ran a day ago, so the micro-tears in my muscles haven't repaired properly. I felt my sore thighs the minute I started. All good though, I'm perfectly happy with that run. Time to go home and get cool! It's on it's way to 38C (106F) today!
  11. [wk 3] Sunday : 7am : riverside : 1.62km : 8:41mins
    Happy I pushed myself to get a third run in this week. And at 7am on a Sunday, no less! It's been a very hot week and today will be raining all day, so I pushed past the head wind on that final 600m to finish. I was truly exhausted as I've not been sleeping well. I finished with a lactic build up. I don't feel great about the run itself, but hey, given the state of the world today maybe it's not the run bringing me down.
  12. [wk 4] Tuesday : 4pm : riverside : 1.62km : 8:15min
    Ok, so yep, a new fastest time and quite by accident! I was feeling a bit low and intended on going for an untimed jog. Instead, I found a stride! The conditions were near perfect though, and having no headwind helped. Felt less rubbish after this run compared to the other day. Recovered fine. Minimal stretching. Look out! I might be in the sevens as soon as next week 😯
  13. [wk 4] Wednesday : 7pm : beach : cross-train (sort of!)
    Ok, so my 'cross-training' soft sand beach walk made it to my journal because, to be completely fair, it reminded me that I need to do much more than 1.62km to get me to a 6min/mile. It's also meditative, social and fucking fun hanging with one of my gf's talking all things Bachelor drama.
  14. [wk 4] - didn't run, took pain killers and slept in instead! -
    I didn't go for my planned run this morning bc I woke at 4am with major cramps and my period. I thought to update my journal with this bc this actually affects women runners! After years of running prior to this, I know how my cycle affects my run. I'm actually fairly strong in my luteal phase, but get super drained days 1-3 of my follicular phase! Know your cycle, ladies! To help you out:
  15. [wk 5] cross-train : swimming. I've felt really average the last few days. Super tired. Not sure if it was due to my period or not. Either way, a spontaneous trip to the beach and I found myself doing 'laps' and being chased down by life-guard pups! When the water is this perfect you can't help but do laps. I don't even like doing laps!!
    Hoping my run mojo returns tomorrow. After than 8:15min/mile I'm keen to break into the 7s.
  16. *update* I've not been running for two weeks bc I put my back out (well my shoulder blades + neck). I suspect the cause was my unruly pace setter Missy. Just went for a light walk/jog and man do I miss running. I have a plan to get back into it and will start next week.
    The plan: run riverside at my university, sans dog!