Requested by eric

My Six Most 'Relaxing' Yoga Poses

A conversation with a friend on the word 'relaxing' in respect to yoga, reminded me of this request. Whether relaxing or meditative, it is so subjective, so I changed your list request a little bit @andersun.
  1. I love binding, especially after a Warrior sequence. Binding is as it looks, my hands are clasped behind my back.
    As a yoga teacher will say, it's like wringing out the body! If you can, it feels so good.
  2. Butterfly pose (or Badhakonasana, in Sanskrit) is my go to. Period cramps, falling asleep, watching TV, reading.. I just freaking love this shape.
  3. Balasana (or child's pose) .. specifically with my arms back. I could fall asleep like this.
    Yogis, is it still called Balasana with arms back?
  4. Legs straight up, specifically up a wall.. and even better with a weight on my feet.. del.icious!
  5. I have tight runner legs, so pigeon pose isn't easy, but oh-so amazing. I am particularly a lover of Yin yoga, so 'sleeping swan' as the Yin yogis call it is my most relaxing pose.
  6. Shoulder Stand is oddly relaxing for me. Especially after a long heated power vinyasa class.
    This shot took so many 'takes' .. 10 seconds is not enough to get up into this, elbows right, pelvis forward, feet flat.. ahh! Normally relaxing!
  7. [ disclaimer: I'm a student of yoga.. I'd say I'm an out of practice intermediate student, so please know that these poses are likely not posture perfect! ..I still rely on my teachers to straighten me up! ]
    #yogalove though, because I've practiced every day this week and OML, I feel so good.. and the only reason why I could bind for the first pic.