So I'm cleaning out old notebooks etc and I stumble across my StrengthFinder assessment. Interesting how more connected I am to these now than when I first did the assessment back in 2012.
  1. Empathy
    I needn't define empathy for you! Reading the description has really solidified my choice to study psychology though. In a nutshell it says that my inter (and intra) personal intelligence is strong and I know how to use it.
  2. Developer
    Shit! This plays into my future as well! Ha! So basically this one is saying I have strength in seeing potential and possibility (almost to a fault!! < ok, that's my wording!). I seek to help others realise their potential. I seek to challenge others so they can find success. This assessment is so bang on!
  3. Adaptability
    So effectively this is at the heart of my strengths! It says that I am flexible to life and can respond with enthusiasm to unforeseen circumstances as well as I can to planned events. Living in the moment and knowing that the future is not a fixed destination. Holla!
  4. Connectedness
    Ok, no, this is the heart of my strengths! This talks about my strong belief of the collective unconscious. In that we are all tethered to each other. It allows me to come at life from a place of non-judgment, empathy and humanity. I really dig connectedness.
  5. Communication
    Basically this one speaks of my desire to capture people with my words and speech. A desire to enliven mundane ideas and static events. To entertain, rather than to deliver a message. Yeah, this also pretty spot on.
  6. Static
    super tiny script, so if you can read it, good luck! I thought for those who care to, you might like to read it verbatim.