influenced by @bjnovak, encouraged by fellow 90s teen @zeedie and fondly remembered and retold for your enjoyment (or nostalgia!)
  1. sleepovers at girlfriend's places watching teen movies and taking 24 photos on our film cameras!
    My bff and I constantly did the Rex Manning dance. (Added the gif for you @sarahsolene 😉)
  2. the odd house party wondering if my crush will turn up and am I pretty enough.
    I was a 'middle of the road' kid, didn't go to too many massive parties, but did go to home gatherings!
  3. playing dress-ups and singing loudly to Tori Amos and Bjork with my sister and cousins and saying 'fuck' with carefree abandon.
    So wild, so carefree.
  4. watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s with such ignorance of the outside world
    I was fiercely defensive of that 30 minutes. Fun fact: I hosted a 2 day friends marathon and styled the living room like Central Perk and made Frankie tees for everyone!
  5. Hanging out at McDonald's after school with my crew eating happy meals and doing sugar shots
  6. white tee, blue jeans
    Doc Martens in winter, thick heel sandals in summer
  7. Hanging in the wings, waiting to go on stage, giggling 'shhhh' under my breath to the other drama club nerds!
  8. Attempting to dress like Jennifer Love Hewitt on most occasions.
  9. Sitting in a circle singing 'cool' hymns with the other church club kids.
    Pretty sure on retrospect that I was there just to sing loudly without judgement!
  10. falling to sleep thinking of either Leo or Brad becoming my husband.
  11. Sneaky snapping my crush on as many occasions as I could.
    I have so many photos of this guy in my collection!
  12. Sneaking vodka into places disguised as anything!
  13. Drinking rubbish bottled vodka drinks in the park across from my friends place.
  14. Getting so frustrated with mum (or my sister's) if they didn't record (on VHS) my TV shows while I was at play rehearsal!
  15. discussing at length with my sister and our best-neighbour-friend that we'll grow up to be like the guys on Beverly Hills 90210 AND Melrose Place!
  16. 3am burger and chips at a classic 'truck stop' burger joint, listening to grunge and telling stories by the fire pit.
    This was the customary stop on the way home from a big night out.
  17. owning my very own (not hand-me-down) Hypercolor tee-shirt. It.was.ah-mazing!!!
    Ok, this was early nineties!
  18. praying to God that my braces would come off in time for the Year 12 Ball.
    ...and that my boobs would grow a little bit more to fill out the gown!
  19. laying on a lay-low watching the Spice Girl movie at the public pool's movie night (knowing my crush was seeing me in my bikini 🙃)
    @Lisa_Fav this one's for you 😘
  20. buying my first car: a brand new midnight blue Ford Laser (1998) and almost totaling it 5 months later.
    It was never the same after the repairs. It was my beast. I loved that thing like it had a human heart!