The kind of things I think up and think, "oh that'd be cool/I'd like that" and don't share with many (if any) for the sake that it's far-fetched (or will likely get me judged)!.. yep, well, releasing those thoughts..
  1. Attend a high-end awards/gala (like MET, Oscars etc) as someone's date.
    Ok, straight up, this is just to wear a delicious gown and prof hair + make-up.. drinking copious amounts of alcohol (with no responsibilities) and pigging out on McDonalds Jennifer Lawrence style in an Elie Saab (or Toni Maticevski) dress at the end of the night. I'm all class. 👍🏼
  2. Get deserted on an island
    I'm not talking Survivor, with cameras and games.. I'm talking more Bear Grylls (minus the production). I fancy myself quite resourceful, I'm confident I could survive and thrive.
  3. Surgical enhancing..
    ..Gravity is a bitch ok, and it's not even that bad.. yet. Just an incy wincy lift. That is all.
  4. Polygamy Pass
    ..don't get me wrong, I love my marriage/husband.. just a couple "explorer" passes with no side effects would be nice. I know I'm not the only one! Don't be judging. (Oh and he knows this and has not issued said passes! 😏)
  5. Travel the world, constantly
    Some people say, "oh, I can travel for a few weeks at a time but then it gets all too much". I'm the opposite. I fantasize about traveling the whole world (whether it be for that elusive dream job or for vacation) more than I am at home. I imagine I'm from a long line of Mediterranean gypsies.
  6. ...I'm a dreamer, so no doubt this list will continue to grow, or evolve into a volume of lists!
  7. ❤️ + 🤗