please respect my heart's words and don't @ me negs.
  1. I've always felt strong in my gender identity. I am from a family dominant in women. I am fortunate to have this and extremely grateful.
  2. I have (fortunately) never personally felt victimised for being female and even more so fortunate for not being the victim of female related abuse/aggression. I stand as one to women who have, for the act of abuse is deplorable.
  3. I love that I bleed for it reminds me of the special ability I have. I am the gateway to life. I am a person of strength, grace and warmth. I have the ability to literally nurture anything.
  4. I celebrate my body, I celebrate my mind and I celebrate my heart for they are all uniquely feminine. I protect these for they are my sacred strength.
  5. I will never allow anyone, male or female, to dictate my worth. That's utter ridiculousness. I know who I am. I know what I'm worth. I'm priceless. I am equal to you in the sheer fact that we are human.
  6. On occasion if my nephews breath words of misogyny (they may have heard), I am quick to educate them and warn them of the dangers of such arrogance.
    Of the saying "behind every great man is an even greater woman", remember this starts from birth. We are all responsible.
  7. And naturally, my nieces are reminded every single time that I am here to support their growth into being independent, intelligent and unapologetically beautiful women of the world.
    *beautiful being a word to describe their entire being.
  8. [Thank you to those who marched today. Love and light to you if you did, wanted to or even if the simple act warmed your heart]