I'm fascinated by bathroom text art (aka graffiti): speculating on context, admiring the stand made by the author. These are a collection of from my uni.
  1. "which couple do you ship the most?"
    social sciences building
  2. "fuck this distinct lack of graffiti" et al.
    arts faculty
  3. "but hips don't lie"
    The Guild
  4. "boys will come and go, but you will always be there. Love yourself"
    Arts library, level 1
  5. "bathroom graffiti is the highlight of my toilet experience. These walls are too bare!"
    Science library
  6. "we can but hope"
    Arts library, level 3.
  7. {full disclosure: I started this list ages ago.. the bathroom walls were littered with art.. then the university had its major clean and I lost my opportunity!.. it's taking me ages (!) to find great art, so this is volume 1.. will wait 'til 'mid semester exam stress' to bring the artists out!}
  8. Inspired by @bjnovak and all other Picture Of Text enthusiasts.