Ha! A tutorial and not a list of my face (I KNOW!) ...For all of you who want to post more selfies but lack confidence or skill. It's a craft! It takes practice! [secrets for the novice!]
  1. A successful selfie is about showing your personality/emotion through your eyes. Conveying a message, if you will! "I'm having fun", "I'm bored", "I fucking want you"... you get it! Spoiler Alert: It's not about how pretty, sexy etc you are.
  2. Lighting is key. Natural is best with the sun behind the camera (in selfie mode). Or neutral lighting can work really well if there is a diffused light source (think morning light through a frosted bathroom window 😉)
    Watch for the realities of life! A towel or bathroom products distract from your pretty face!
  3. Beware of the Snapchat Selfie! 1) the makeup filter works wonders BUT its inbuilt discoloration is noticeable (as is the instant nose job)*. Natural is always better. 2) filters are fun; filters aren't sexy! (if you're going for cute, sexy etc don't filter). 3) look into (or just above!) the camera, don't look at yourself.
    I think it's super adorbs when someone takes a selfie and you can tell they are looking at the selfie while they take it! // *you can circumvent the discoloration issue of the makeup filter with good front-lighting 😉
  4. Angles! Camera: slightly above your face. Face: chin neutral or ever so slightly up, looking up into or above the lens. Another flattering angle is above your head looking up into it.
    Ladies, if you want to impress him/her with a sultry bed selfie, get the lighting right (key) and head on pillow (strategically place your hair!) and have the camera directly above you., looking directly at it. Emote via your eyes! One handed if you can manage it!
  5. Candid selfies are hard to do well! Steady-cam your hand and take a bunch of pics in rapid succession (like an old school photo booth). Remember to look at the lens (or your friend, or fake friend!) and not your reflection!
  6. #nofilter
    feat. one of my IRL besties, Suze.