Inspired by @amieshmamie ... I meet the criteria for this list! Yeay!.. Love you Ames x
  1. Do you feel moved by your national anthem?
    I wouldn't say that "Advance Australia Fair" moves me to tears, though I do feel pride singing our anthem.
  2. How do children in your country get to school?
    Children will generally get to school: walking/by bike, by car (mum/dad drop the kids off) or by public transport (bus/train). No, we don't have the 'yellow bus'! Rural towns will have a school bus, but they are orange, not yellow!!
  3. Can you succinctly explain your country's healthcare system and are most citizens satisfied with it?
    Yes, pretty well. Australians have access to public and private medical systems. The public system (funded by tax payers) is rebated by the government on use. Every country will have citizens that want something for nothing, so I am sure that even with our very generous system, there are dissatisfied Australians out there!
  4. What is the best part of living in your country?
    So much! And to think this is where England sent their criminals!! I like to think of Australia as being 'laid back', that's what I love most about it. Also the coastal living.. all our major cities (with the exception of our nation's capital) are within 10-20 miles of the ocean. Our weather: sublime. Our nature, flora and fauna (except the snakes) is exceptional. Our beaches. Let's end on beaches. Best in the world. Hands down.
  5. What is the worst part?
    Having a ridiculous number of highly venomous snakes. The cost of living is pretty high..
  6. Are there accents within the language you speak?
    Haha! Yes! There are some pretty broad Australian accents.. the stereotype accent you hear in movies is a mash up of accents from the east coast. West Australians tend to have the most refined accent! 😉✌🏼️
  7. What would you say is the overall impression people from your country have of the US and its citizens?
    Let's just say Trump ain't doing you guys any favours! Many Aussies travel to the US on the regular these days, so the stereotypes are less than they used to be. A stereotype I feel which has been consistent for my life at least is that Americans appear to be overtly patriotic, sometimes to a fault.
  8. Have you ever lived in another country? If so, what difference stood out the most between that country and your home?
    I lived in Verona, Italy for three weeks. I don't feel like this qualifies though. Is three weeks enough?!
  9. Do you hope to move to the US someday?
    It's so funny!.. I've always had this strange knowing that I will.. yet that is not at all consistent with the current direction of my life! So, who knows!!
  10. Can I come stay with you?
    Abso-bloody-lutely!!! When??